A Great Man

He talks with so much eloquence,so much swagger, calm but authoritative. His versatility continues to thump my imagination. He is military personified, an efficient manager, illustrious, caring, loving, innovative, an abyss of ideas, just to name a negligible number of his numerous great qualities. Trust me he really exists and is not a figment of my imagination. His look,his walk,his smile,his laugh in one word- Breathtaking.
Now you probably think this guy is like 7 feet tall and has the body of arnold and the voice of denzel and also will smith’s look alike and all that. On the contrary, he’s kinda close on some of the qualities!!! (Lol)
Lemme rescue you from the dilemma of trying to figure out who he is. Think no more he’s my DAD!.
“This guy is just too proud,lucky or is an outright liar and is just blabbing”, you may say. I mean come on, “no dad can be this good!!! they all have ‘pasts’ don’t they?”. My dad is not without sin, he’s made some mistakes but I still love him anyways and privileged to have him as my father.

But enough about me already! How is it with you and your dad? Do you love him? Does he know? Do you appreciate him?.
“But he doesn’t deserve it!” In as much as I know they may have been at the helm of inflicting irreparable damage to our lives. I also know that in every man lies great qualities, great possibilities, innovative talents and ideas, it only takes the right people to bring those things out (in this case you and I). Pray for them consistently, and show them love.
The eulogies given at one’s demise is well overrated, for one, it does no good to the individual in question. He can’t hear you or appreciate you for it at that time. I have a better option- Do it now.
Because behind the manly facade they put up lies a heart just like yours. A heart that feels pain just like you do, Hurts just like you do, Worries perhaps even much more than you can imagine. A heart that wants to be loved, and appreciated.
Let him feel loved and don’t stop until you see a change.
Its not about what you say but what you SHOW!!


4 thoughts on “A Great Man

  1. maureen says:

    Nice one Kayode.For some of us its kinda late but no regrets though, we did the best we could and are still living out the legacies.


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