Anecdote III-Falling

I was walking back to my hall midday after a wonderful event I had witnessed, the sun was low, and the breeze though slight was ever present and soothing. In all it was a wonderful day considering all that had happened previously. I saw two children as innocent as they usually are, having fun. While looking at them reminiscing on my childhood days, something happened. One of them slipped and fell down and there was this cold rush of silence. I was waiting and kind of expecting to hear the wild screams that normally accompany such events. One second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, and five seconds gone. ‘Nothing’ happened’. What happened next was remarkable. That child stood up, dusted himself, looked briefly at the stone that caused the fall and started playing almost immediately like nothing happened.
I learnt something that day- Falling down sometimes is inevitable but what differs is your attitude to the fall. If you’ve fallen down before, take a cue from that child. Dust yourself and get up and especially forget about it- not meaning that you shouldn’t learn from them. Setbacks, disappointments are sometimes there to teach us invaluable lessons. It only ends when you choose to stay down.

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