The Ugly Truth

We all know this truth, while some choose to ignore this; others are making the best out of this fact.
The TRUTH IS THIS: “People 90% of the time come to you for what they can get or gain. The day you stop being able to provide/satisfy their needs, they withdraw.”
We all want to improve; we want to get better at virtually everything. We mostly associate with those who are able to help us achieve our goals, needs and dreams. That’s just the human mind in action.
Perhaps you’ve gone through your received call list and you realize that the last call you received excluding your family was like two weeks ago and you’re wondering why. You’re getting all depressed and sad. I’ll tell you, it’s because they cannot see or don’t believe you have anything to offer. SIMPLE!
It’s LIFE. Get used to it!!
If you’re tired of being unappreciated, ignored or made to feel inadequate, start being a blessing to others. Proffer viable solutions to problems to as many as you come in contact with. And pretty soon, you’ll begin to notice the distinctive difference.
Your time starts now!!!

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