Cheat Sheet for 2012

While 2011was a total pain for some, it was totally wonderful for others. Because of the superstition that comes with new years, I have decided to compile a cheat sheet that will give you the best of the upcoming year. Below is that sheet;

1. Do not try to prove everything/strive to impress- it may push you to places you’ll regret later on.

2. If you can dream it, you surely can acheive it (with hardwork I might add).

3. Putting your challenges/problems on facebook, twitter etc will NOT solve them. Get real help!

4. Don’t seek approval- No one should dictate how you should live.

5. Nurture your wild thoughts- These wild thoughts normally lead you to great feats. If you think like everyone, you’ll turn out like ….(You know the rest).

6. Build your life around many trust worthy people- even if you’re dating or married, your life shouldn’t be built around just him/her.

7. EVERY event has something to teach you- Be more observant and learn from it.

8. Forgive wrongs- A new year doesn’t mean perfection. People will fail you because they’re human. Forgive

9. Stay happy no matter what- Happiness is a choice. Make that choice.

10. Help as many as you can and (the hard part) expect nothing in return.

Without adding the need to be prayerful, this list will be far from complete. So pray and hope.
Good Morning 2012

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