Ok so I’ve been reading loads of blogs lately. And Boy do we have creative people in Nigeria!. I’m ‘reProud’ to be Nigerian!!! 🙂
Ok without further ado, leego..

I had written something nice- a poem sorta which I was to recite during a church service. I spent a considerable amount of time in retouching and giving it this dramatic feel. As I rehearsed, I imagined myself in Martin Luther King Jr’s shoes- how the ‘speech’ would reverberate in the minds of those listening, how the applaud was going to be unending and loud yada yada yada….

I was optimistic about the end result (as I always am I might add).

I went through it over and over again making sure to dot my Is and cross my ts as they say (as if drawing the ‘s’ is not equally important. lol). I was given the mic and I spat fire! All the mannerisms on check, swag-check, etc and as I approached the ‘crescendo’ I was all smiles. I finally ended! What I heard next blew my mind!

NO applause!. “Comon people applaud the boy“ ran through my mind but NO nothing except for about 5 in a congregation of at least 100. I walked back to my seat and I was stiff….

As I reminisce on the whole event, I cannot but laugh at how unreal my expectations were.I had no indepth experience of public speaking and may I add it was my first time (no excuse for underperforming though). Or maybe they were just so mind blown they were in awe such that they couldn’t even applaud. Oh well I may never know. I’ve picked up Andrew Carnegie’s ‘Art of Public Speaking’. I’ll blow their minds next time.

This goes to show that just because you have everything ‘planned’ doesn’t mean the result would be as hoped. When things don’t turn out as you’d hoped, Dust yourself and Get Up.
I’m still curious though. That poem is here– A Role Model. You tell me did I deserve the applause I so craved?. Do tell…..


When I was a boy *silly grin*, I had toys. From legos to water guns and a host of other stuff. I was a big fan of game consoles and also had the family com console, after which I was given a sega game console. Little did I know that, that was to be my last game console. After the age of sega ‘wore’ off I wanted a PS1 which I DIDN’T get.

The General felt/ feels games are for kids so…

But you see the funny thing is that during my toy days, I was never really satisfied. I always wanted more. Some I got, others I didn’t. I thought as I grew older they would wear off but to my shock, they’ve only evolved…

Do the names Ipad, Iphone, blackberries, galaxy, android mean anything to you? Sure they do and that’s just a few in the gadget category!
You have the must-have clothes, cars, houses, girls/guys etc.

Others can’t do without the real Adult toys like VIBRATORS or PORN (com’on I had to put a real adult toy and bold it just incase someone searched for ‘vibrators’ etc or schemed through quickly as a determinant to if he/she would read it! )

Notice the jealously in children, it evolves into envy/ hatred if not curbed. The shyness? It turns into depression or low self esteem. The show-off? It turns into pride and keeping up with the joneses. The malice? It gets more sophisticated. And I could go on and on and on.

If you are exhibiting traits you don’t admire, don’t ignore it. It never goes away, it only hides only to resurface at a later date STRONGER. Face it head on and fight each one at a time.

Ever heard of a phrase like ‘I didn’t do this before’, ‘it was not this bad at first…’ , that passes a subliminal message- the urges fight too and fight hard they really do.

If you don’t control the urge ‘X’ (where x =anything) it’ll overcome you-the consequences you’ll have to live with for just a lifetime!

You’re reading this and discover you still have to fight things from your childhood or earlier on in your life. Don’t be dismayed. You’re not the only one…

You should know that Nothing is Impossible with God.

** Now I hope you didn’t open this note because it read ADULT TOYS!! Don’t worry- just keep trying k. You’ll come through! 😀

Should Nigerian Private Universities join the strike?

Tomorrow, another prestigious private university would join the growing list of private universities to resume normal lectures fully inspite of the present predicament rocking the country. It is a commendable action to go on with normal academic activities despite the chaos that have refused to calm down. However i am worried. Worried because as positive as their move is to keep up with their academic calendar, It has its negative side; A humongous negative side i must add. It is undoubtedly the lackadaisical attitude or the i-don’t-care-attitude it brings with it. Over the past few days, I read some statements like “This strike is not my business”, – a very hurtful statement having the subliminal message of “My father is rich; the poor can die for all I care”. The horrible attitude to Nigerian problems some leaders exhibit are fast ingrained into the lives of some youths already as a result of actions such as these.
It is a fallacy to believe that everyone is not at least touched by this gross increase in the fuel price.
For instance, it is a known fact that there is NO university that does not utilize electricity (at least even to the barest minimum) and if electricity is turned off as indicated by the total strike they would be running at a loss. Even if somehow they are able to overcome the power issue, one must also consider that there are employees who earn meager salaries. How do they cope?
Now if you are like me and are tired of the shackles placed on us, then you know that we must do it together for we will surely lose divided.
If we fight for each other, whether we’re indirectly or directly affected by the problems the masses face, Nigeria would surely be greater than what it is. I therefore urge the private universities to honor the pains of the Nigerian masses and join in the strike even if partially. Not because they are under any obligation whatsoever but because they care about Nigeria, because they love Nigerians and especially because THEY ARE ALSO NIGERIANS. Share your views. Do you think Nigerian Private Universities should join the strike?