When I was a boy *silly grin*, I had toys. From legos to water guns and a host of other stuff. I was a big fan of game consoles and also had the family com console, after which I was given a sega game console. Little did I know that, that was to be my last game console. After the age of sega ‘wore’ off I wanted a PS1 which I DIDN’T get.

The General felt/ feels games are for kids so…

But you see the funny thing is that during my toy days, I was never really satisfied. I always wanted more. Some I got, others I didn’t. I thought as I grew older they would wear off but to my shock, they’ve only evolved…

Do the names Ipad, Iphone, blackberries, galaxy, android mean anything to you? Sure they do and that’s just a few in the gadget category!
You have the must-have clothes, cars, houses, girls/guys etc.

Others can’t do without the real Adult toys like VIBRATORS or PORN (com’on I had to put a real adult toy and bold it just incase someone searched for ‘vibrators’ etc or schemed through quickly as a determinant to if he/she would read it! )

Notice the jealously in children, it evolves into envy/ hatred if not curbed. The shyness? It turns into depression or low self esteem. The show-off? It turns into pride and keeping up with the joneses. The malice? It gets more sophisticated. And I could go on and on and on.

If you are exhibiting traits you don’t admire, don’t ignore it. It never goes away, it only hides only to resurface at a later date STRONGER. Face it head on and fight each one at a time.

Ever heard of a phrase like ‘I didn’t do this before’, ‘it was not this bad at first…’ , that passes a subliminal message- the urges fight too and fight hard they really do.

If you don’t control the urge ‘X’ (where x =anything) it’ll overcome you-the consequences you’ll have to live with for just a lifetime!

You’re reading this and discover you still have to fight things from your childhood or earlier on in your life. Don’t be dismayed. You’re not the only one…

You should know that Nothing is Impossible with God.

** Now I hope you didn’t open this note because it read ADULT TOYS!! Don’t worry- just keep trying k. You’ll come through! šŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “ADULT To Y s

  1. Arosanyin Oluwabukola says:

    Letting go of bad habits are hard but with the fear of God, the help of God, determination n a strong n fixed mind-set , you can do it. Let go of every hurt in you, as people offend u, as things hurt u, learn to let it go cos if u allow it a space in ur heart it turns to something dangerous by the time its finally let out which can destroy so many things. When u say u have let go, give urself a trial, test urself n if u fall back, if u find out ure still angry with the person or thing, then ure not healed yet. May God help us to let GO


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