Ok so I’ve been reading loads of blogs lately. And Boy do we have creative people in Nigeria!. I’m ‘reProud’ to be Nigerian!!! 🙂
Ok without further ado, leego..

I had written something nice- a poem sorta which I was to recite during a church service. I spent a considerable amount of time in retouching and giving it this dramatic feel. As I rehearsed, I imagined myself in Martin Luther King Jr’s shoes- how the ‘speech’ would reverberate in the minds of those listening, how the applaud was going to be unending and loud yada yada yada….

I was optimistic about the end result (as I always am I might add).

I went through it over and over again making sure to dot my Is and cross my ts as they say (as if drawing the ‘s’ is not equally important. lol). I was given the mic and I spat fire! All the mannerisms on check, swag-check, etc and as I approached the ‘crescendo’ I was all smiles. I finally ended! What I heard next blew my mind!

NO applause!. “Comon people applaud the boy“ ran through my mind but NO nothing except for about 5 in a congregation of at least 100. I walked back to my seat and I was stiff….

As I reminisce on the whole event, I cannot but laugh at how unreal my expectations were.I had no indepth experience of public speaking and may I add it was my first time (no excuse for underperforming though). Or maybe they were just so mind blown they were in awe such that they couldn’t even applaud. Oh well I may never know. I’ve picked up Andrew Carnegie’s ‘Art of Public Speaking’. I’ll blow their minds next time.

This goes to show that just because you have everything ‘planned’ doesn’t mean the result would be as hoped. When things don’t turn out as you’d hoped, Dust yourself and Get Up.
I’m still curious though. That poem is here– A Role Model. You tell me did I deserve the applause I so craved?. Do tell…..


3 thoughts on “Expected

  1. Oluwaseun Okunlola says:

    I think you mistook the value of what you were doing. As a result you mistook the possible outcome. Twas a nice speech. It was not meant for applause. I think it was meant for thought. Applause would have been an insult (almost).


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