An Offer You Just Can’t Refuse

How creative is your imagination? Let’s do a test run…


Imagine a philanthropist, not the one you’re accustomed to.  Forbes decided to take out his name from the world’s wealthiest because they do not have the resources to calculate his total worth. The amount of resources he controls and owns is inhuman. NASA has designed the new state-of-the-art equipment for his next summer on the moon (they’ve been doing that yearly for 12 years now). At one point when he said he was tired of earth, he bought half of the land mass of Mars (I wonder who he paid the money to).

The World Bank is pleading for more time on the loan they got from him. Truth is they have no means whatsoever of repaying him. IMF did better in this regard; they proposed a 200 year plan of repaying. He has declined offers to rule in over 300 countries (world leading economies I might add). The trio of Harvard, Yale and MIT have tried to get him to speak for a 3 minute lecture for the past 8 years but have failed so far.

The other time he said he didn’t like Nike, Gucci, and Armani; they almost shut down losing billions in revenue. 6 Facebook servers had to shut down for 27 days due to the amount of traffic his page generated 12 minutes after creating his account. They pleaded he close it after which they lost 300 million users.

Ferrari and Toyota have stopped producing cars for the masses and they are now the highest grossing automobile makers in the world. The reason is because they’re producing cars for him.

Just a year after coming into the health scene, the world doesn’t suffer from hunger anymore. He has made health care free for 2 continents, 2 continents now run on clean source of energy. Some believe he creates his own money, others think he is a devil amassing so much wealth from unknown places. Others believe he is the antichrist. But one thing is certain; he is the philanthropist’s (to the power of infinity) philanthropist. Beside him, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are very stingy people.

Now due to a string of very bizarre events I can’t even begin to describe, he meets you and develops a soft spot for you after the conversation. You become friends and he decides he would like to meet people like you. He is willing to give £10 million to anyone you introduce to him and £100 million to you for your effort. What would you do?

Would you go a day without telling someone about his philanthropy? Would you keep this offer from your friends and those you care about? We’ll even tell our enemies for sure. I bet that for some of us (including me) after exhausting all the friends and enemies we’ve got will go to the streets and pick total strangers and introduce them so we can get more.


Likewise God is telling you to evangelize (Matt 28:19) and also, He’s promising everybody you bring to him things money can and cannot even buy.  The tip of the iceberg for them is heaven provided they stay on the right track. You on the other hand get to go to heaven (where the streets are paved with gold among other things), a mansion, a crown(s), reunion with some family and friends and so much more.

Come to think of it, it’s a win-win situation.

Now I just told you about him, what are you waiting for?


What do you think?

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