The Power of One

When I think of the power of one, several things come to mind; some of which are proverbs like; A tree does not make a forest. A drop of water cannot make an ocean. The importance of togetherness is emphasized daily. “You cannot do it alone” is drummed into our ears every day. Everyday we’re made to believe that we’re too small. We’re made to believe that we’re just one person in over 6 billion people and our efforts cannot amount to much.

I have another theory because when I look at the likes of Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Socrates, Steve Jobs, Chimamanda Adichie, Barack Obama, and the several others that grace the news incessantly, I see something else, I see the power of ONE. I realize that there is so much power that lies within if only you tap into it. There is sooooooo much power that lies within you!

Those proverbs stated above are facts that cannot be denied and even I cannot deny the power of teamwork. However, I know that the power of one is paramount because 100 dumb heads are not better than Gates. Instead of cowering behind “teamwork”, let us seek to improve our strengths, do what we can where we can and in whatever way we can. After which we can be part of teams that will undoubtedly shape the world.

So next time you see that beggar on your street, don’t restrain from giving him simply because there are so many beggars that you can’t satisfy or reach out to.

Next time you think that picking the litter on the floor would make no difference because you’re just one person or because the next second someone would drop another, think again.

Next time you see someone hungry; give him something even if you consider it not much.

Next time you see that child you can give good advice and mentor, don’t look the other way, You could influence the next world shaker.

Next time you think of that great idea and lose hope because of resources and so many other things you don’t have, know that most great ideas started with one person who never gave up.

Next time you see something and think “oh I can’t do anything”, Think again because about everything and I mean everything, you have the power to influence if you choose to.

Next time you are faced with a million problems around you; don’t hold your hand from solving one of them simply because there are 999,999 unsolved left. Think, Think of the Power of One.

** What you do is not little, only little people think what they do is little.


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