Impressing People

They have two eyes, 2 legs, 1 head and a nose. They have challenges just like I do. They get scared; gosh they even dread some things. They make mistakes, some have made more mistakes than I can imagine just like I have. They’ve made wrong decisions like I have. They have things they’re craving earnestly just like I am. Aspirations like I have. They worry as I sometimes do. They feel pain, hurt, joy and love just like I do. They fail people just like I have, they’ve disappointed time and time again like I also have. Some of them not intentionally its only because they’re humans. So why was I trying to impress them again? I can’t even remember because as far as I’m concerned, they’re just like me. I’m done trying to impress anyone!

I’d rather impress the one who has no fears, no worries, no pain, and no hurt. Who can do what he wants, get what he wants, who is larger than life itself. He has no lack and gives me what I want, puts a smile on my face. He guides me every day, protects me from endless dangers. Picks me up when I fall. He knows what’s best for me. Even when I mess up, he still forgives me. He’s not tired of listening to me. My ever present help in times of desperation. To Him I owe my life. To him I owe all. He has never failed me and never will because He is God!

Atobajaìye, Âsoromatase, oba to joba lo, Arabaribiti Aribirabata, Lion of the tribe of Judah(dunno how to spell it in Yoruba), Agbanilagbatan, Lily of the Valley, Consuming Fire.

Now your turn, who would you rather impress?

What do you think?

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