I remember that Sabbath day when a guitarist desired to do a song in church. He came up stage and as with most people; he needed the keyboardist and all the equipment as well. And just as he was about to begin, the electricity went off. Normally after a few seconds, it was supposed to be restored but that didn’t happen. Apparently, a fault had developed and as a result the electrical equipment would be unavailable. Any normal person would have felt discouraged but not this guy (or that was what he exuded). He decided to go on anyway, risking the probability that his performance would have been lackluster; a comic event with everyone laughing intermittently.

He went on nevertheless, the picking and strumming began. It was rough, and even though he was inaudible, he still continued.  Gradually it got better, his audibility improved and pretty soon the congregation was singing with him. And then it happened; electricity was restored. And there was a new lease of life into the song almost instantly. The applause was deafening when he eventually ended.

In life, not all things we plan for comes out exactly as planned (Most things don’t). We shouldn’t give up on our goals and dreams simply because we are disadvantaged at a particular area.  There is hardly ever the perfect time to start anything. Sometimes God acts as a spectator. He stands and expects us to start something. Only when you start defying the odds will he put His hand to it and we all know what happens when He does.

*PS – I found out later that he had a very high GPA. I chuckled and said to myself “No wonder”.

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