Take trash… Yels!

Absurd isn’t it?  Why should I take trash from people? Some are absolutely worthless and trust me if they give me trash, I won’t even take it. I’ll give them in multiple folds.

I want you to do something else, take the trash as it is. But why should I?

Every “trash” has good stuff in it. You don’t believe? Ask those who make a good living from recycling. Now that’s just physical trash you may say. Talk more of human beings who have brain sizes that are larger than computers.

But beyond that, I’m saying take trash because everyone has something to offer. Yes everyone!  At least if they don’t teach you what to do, they’ll teach you what NOT to do.

And just in-case you still don’t want to, remember that there’s someone who believes that there’s gold in you despite your million short comings and slip ups. He is God.

“Well that’s God’s business, I’m not him”. Remember He said “As you treat others, so would you be treated” (paraphrased).

*Take this with a pinch of salt.


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