Anecdote- The path

While walking through a path that was made amidst grass, I began to wonder how it was made. I realized that someone must have started it by walking in on the grass passing through the rough terrain and enduring the risk of being beaten by an insect or reptile. And gradually after walking over and over on that path, it became visible and someone else followed and before long, everyone was doing it.

It reminded me of my secondary school days (the early 90s :D), every Sunday we would have Fried rice and Chicken; a delicious menu. There were 10 people on each dining table and it was arranged in such a way that I got to sit with my mates only. For some reason (I can’t really remember), I decided to use the duo of a knife and fork and it stuck; I liked it.. My choice was odd considering almost everyone ate with a spoon or at most a fork. It wasn’t a surprise that pretty soon they came hard on me saying all kind of things to get me to stop but I chose not to (perhaps to prove a point). To cut the rather boring story short, at the end of the semester term, almost everyone on the table was eating with a fork and knife. And those who didn’t/couldn’t ? felt uncomfortable.

Its simple, If you create a path and walk diligently in it long enough, you will soon discover that those who criticized you will follow. It doesn’t matter if what you believe in isn’t popular or the usual thing to do. If you will hold on to what you believe without wavering, you will influence your circle and ultimately the world. The icing on the cake being that you’ll be able to look back, smirk smile and say “No Regrets”.

What do you think?

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