Still Tongue Swift Hands

Still tongue swift hands needs no elaborate explanation. Still in this context means quiet, subdued or gentle. Hand doesn’t imply the ‘extensions’ attached to your shoulders but action. Having said that, allow me to analyze all humans in terms of tongue and hand; the rate at which we use them.

First on the list are people who speak too little and do so little. Well it is safe to say that they move according to the speed of their tongues.  They go round in circles achieving nothing. They are at the bottom of the chain ofcourse. Very little can be said about them because they are the unknowns.

Next on the list are People who speak so much and do so little. These men are mirrored in the lives of corrupt politicians. They make false and unrealistic promises to get into the seat and do nothing as soon as their desires are accomplished. Another example perhaps the one we’re more familiar with are those who talk endlessly about things they want to do but never get their hands dirty for countless reasons. They are the mediocre major. They do just enough to get by.  Sad truth is that a lot of us fall in this category.

Getting high up the chain, we have people who speak a lot and do just as much. They are high achievers and live according to their words most of the time. But as you know there’ll be occasional slip-ups here and there BUT in general they come out tops. Some great leaders fly in this category.

There is another group of individuals and they truly fascinate me from my depths perhaps they would you too.

They are those who speak so little and yet do so much. They are men whose lives we look at with awe. They are god-like seeming to NEVER make mistakes but they do, they ALL do. They are mentors to countless and are loathed by those who deem them invisible.

Miles of words wouldn’t fully describe what makes them tick. Some are dead while others still breathe.  Their every word held to heart like the croc to its prey.

Very calculative individuals by nature, they run the simulation of the outcome of their words so that when they speak eventually, people are stunned.

I don’t think where you are now on this chain is really important. What is important is where you want to be in the future.

Because when a man truly wants something, he goes out and eventually gets it.

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