The Behemoth Creature


The Creature

I remember my first day in it; The behemoth creature. I had been told of its enormous speed, its comfort… but I wanted to feel it myself. The adventure was too enticing to pass. Its sheer size amazed me. Its wings were so long it could carry a large truck. Its ‘talons’ so hard it could pick the roof off a house. Needless to say I was dwarfed by its sheer size. And when I entered into its belly, i was further amazed. It was just as I was told- cozy. I only hoped it wouldn’t consume me in the course of the journey.

After all the necessary protocol, the inevitable time had come. It roared gently. Apparently it never even went off- a beast that never rests. But I surprisingly disappointed because It moved at a snail like speed. When it continued for over a minute, I began to doubt its capability. And as if that was not enough, it took a large turn and came to a complete stop. By this time, I thought what a complete joke!

There was an uneasy calm, it turns out some were so scared. *scoffs* why would I? It again started the boring routine of the snail speed. But I was jolted back, I could not control the vibrations i felt. My heart beating faster than ever as it picked up speed suddenly. And just as I was getting used to it, it flew, literally. Those talons and wings were at work. It went so high, its contemporaries looked like ants. Even though they had gone earlier and seemed to gain an unassailable lead. In retrospect, thank God it didn’t listen to my thoughts. It knew its capabilities and followed through.

Discover Yourself…


Radicals Or Conservatives

There are 2 kinds of people in this world; Radicals and Conservatives.

Why people act alike, think alike and behave alike despite their natural ability to be different and unique baffle me. It is no marvel that they end up just like the others. They hate change because “that’s how it has always been”. But who can blame them? It is safer to tread a known path. Taking a turn away from what you’re used to can be very scary; remember that first plane you flew in or the first time you climbed that elevator/escalator (ok so maybe you were not scared but I was stupefied and petrified). But it still doesn’t change the fact that both of them are much faster and convenient. Yes you’re right, it’s the conservatives.

Despite the fact that it’s so hard, there are still some who strain eyes and mind to tread a new pathway. They are tired of the status quo. Countless times they have been willing to lay their lives for their beliefs. Countless hours have they put into what they held true and even though they were faced with the usual vehement refusal, they still held on. It took a toll on their families, friends and their life yet they didn’t let go. You just have to admire them. Talk about radicals.

One of the few things I know is that there are endless possibilities; there are so many things you can achieve as long as you’re willing to stick your neck out for it.

Because you are human, it is certain that there are some ‘crazy’ ideologies, concepts, epiphanies you have that the world has never seen. But no, you decided to play it down because of fear, ridicule and the million other reasons that are ever present.

Well I cannot deny that you’ve been a dedicated, enthusiastic and committed prison guard but it’s time to take up something more lucrative. Today, break the shackles that hold captive your wildest thoughts, dreams. Let these words serve as the dynamites that destroy the iron bars and chains that hold them.

Treat them well; feed them with facts and knowledge, discipline and all the other good stuffs. I know pretty soon we’ll hear about you in the news and lest I forget, don’t forget to add in your imminent TV/MAG interviews that the piece Radicals OR Conservatives inspired you! lol

The Seldom Heard Voice

what are word for?

what are word for? (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)

A real man should never hit a lady- no matter what she says or do, you can always walk away. It is wrong to batter a woman for whatever reason. That being established, I however want you to explore another side of the story (the less viewed);

Men sting with their fists by default; the effects of a fist can be clearly seen. The lumps on her face and the black eye make your stomach churn in violent shakings. It makes you wonder what devil would have done this but no, it’s a man just like yourself. And just as physical abuse is being somewhat dealt with, another menace more sinister is creeping up- its mental abuse (psychological abuse).

Women on the other hand sting with words by default. I fear this more because the effects of words are hardly seen until it’s often too late. The undiscovered cancer tumor is a replica of words some men receive daily. It keeps growing until it chokes out everything good in the relationship. Just because the injuries are not visible to the naked eye doesn’t mean they don’t exist. His ego battered and bruised daily by your incessant shooting of poisonous arrows you call words and yet you still continue. Then you blackmail him with “Real men don’t hit women”.

It’s not just about the male folk truth be told, if we’re equal  then women also have a part to play- as provocative and stupid are the things he does, you can correct him in love or walk away. As tempting as it is to insult his family tree, you can also hold your tongue. It ceases to be fair when you whip him emotionally and cry foul if he lays a hand on you.

And so the end is simple; Real men don’t hit women, Real women don’t insult men.

Your Choice

When people don’t believe you performed that feat, there are basically 2 possibilities; that it’s really impressive OR they think you’re not gifted enough. Picking the first option would most likely spur you on to perform greater feats, picking the latter would make you sad or depressed. Your choice!

When people don’t pick your calls, there are basically 3 possibilities. They’re busy OR they don’t wanna talk to you OR you’re a nuisance. Your choice

When people don’t call or text you, there are basically 2 possibilities; You’re worthless, Human nature. Your choice.

When you hear a ‘No’, there are basically 3 possibilities; try harder, try another thing, you’re not good enough. Your choice!

When you fall, there are basically 2 possibilities; You’re meant to be on the floor, It ought to teach you something. Your choice!

When you get betrayed, there are basically 3 possibilities; you’re daft, all people are like that, It just happens. Your choice!

When you are been taken advantage of, there are basically 2 possibilities; You’re daft, the dude’s manipulative. Your choice!

When you make mistakes, there are basically 3 possibilities; You’re not good enough, It’s there to make you stronger, You need to improve. Your choice!

When you are being criticized or corrected, there are basically 2 possibilities; You need to come up higher, You’re terrible,  Your choice!

When (if) your relationship hits the rocks *sigh*. There are like one million possible reasons why but the 4 possibilities I’ll pick are; Not for you, They’re all like that, You need to improve in some area, You’re not good enough. Your choice.

In all the happenings of life, it is important to know that The events of life don’t have much as power as what we make of it. It all lies in your hands


A Maxim

English: Ideología (Ideology):

Ying & Yang

So I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the maxim “Compare yourself to no one”. Permit me to describe 2 varying ideologies that revolve around it.

In the first ideology are Indritites; people who believe a lot about ‘finding’ yourself, discovering yourself and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. They encourage you to be yourself and to do things your way, how and when you want to. The positive aspect cannot be overlooked or over stated because for one it eliminates clones; people who move with the crowd with no bearing. Perhaps a subtle disadvantage it holds, the greatest I think is that some people sell themselves short. They believe they don’t have the mettle to top their league. Worse still is the fact that people around who excel at different fields are not enough to inspire them because “we are not the same” (in their words).

In the second ideology are drivinades those who are of the opinion that they can or should do what their peers are doing. So they push themselves and do all in their power to stay afloat. The upside is that they keep getting inspired to do better at what they do; the story of complacency is but a fable to them. The fall side is as common as its counterpart; Individuals here try all in their means and even above to keep up with the Joneses, portraying all they’re not all in a bid to keep up with ‘friends’. While some crash with not being able to keep up, others keep up the façade till their dying breath.

Whichever ideology you hold dear, finding the balance between both is the KEY to living your dream.

*Indritites and Drivinades were ‘specially’ coined for this piece.