The Seldom Heard Voice

what are word for?

what are word for? (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)

A real man should never hit a lady- no matter what she says or do, you can always walk away. It is wrong to batter a woman for whatever reason. That being established, I however want you to explore another side of the story (the less viewed);

Men sting with their fists by default; the effects of a fist can be clearly seen. The lumps on her face and the black eye make your stomach churn in violent shakings. It makes you wonder what devil would have done this but no, it’s a man just like yourself. And just as physical abuse is being somewhat dealt with, another menace more sinister is creeping up- its mental abuse (psychological abuse).

Women on the other hand sting with words by default. I fear this more because the effects of words are hardly seen until it’s often too late. The undiscovered cancer tumor is a replica of words some men receive daily. It keeps growing until it chokes out everything good in the relationship. Just because the injuries are not visible to the naked eye doesn’t mean they don’t exist. His ego battered and bruised daily by your incessant shooting of poisonous arrows you call words and yet you still continue. Then you blackmail him with “Real men don’t hit women”.

It’s not just about the male folk truth be told, if we’re equal  then women also have a part to play- as provocative and stupid are the things he does, you can correct him in love or walk away. As tempting as it is to insult his family tree, you can also hold your tongue. It ceases to be fair when you whip him emotionally and cry foul if he lays a hand on you.

And so the end is simple; Real men don’t hit women, Real women don’t insult men.


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