The Time

The Time

Remember the time you were so much in a fix that you prayed every day. Remember the time when a family member almost passed and you prayed “God please don’t let them die” and the prayer was answered. Remember the time when gloom and sadness filled your heart. You cried and prayed for it to pass and it did. Remember the time you almost failed that paper, you prayed so hard. You went to church and did all the good things you know God loves and you passed. Remember how hard you prayed for that job which you got eventually. Remember how well you prayed for your missing rib that you found shortly after.

Now that everything is alright and you’re through the storm, what are you doing?

From the time past, the enemy has learnt a lesson; persecute them and they’ll run to their Father and He will answer. And so now he doesn’t bother pounding our hearts with heaviness. Our families are in great health. All the basic necessities are been taken care of.  Our pockets are bulging with the cash there in and so we’ve unanimously decided that a 2 minute prayer is more than enough to guide us through the day! We’ve decided that fasting is extreme (na me kill Jesus?- Did I kill Jesus?). We’ve decided that we could miss some of those programs we wouldn’t dare to before. But if only we cast your mind back, we’ll remember that time when we even prayed inwards, read our bibles almost every time even at odd places. Now it appears that time is gone. Our enemy is keeping us busy daily; clouding our minds with business deals, school work, legit things etc so that the link to our Source becomes severed eventually. In the end, our first name becomes LUKE and our last? WARM.

If you’re reading this, we can still change the trend. Com’on we don’t have to wait until something tragic happens. Spend time in God’s presence praying, praising, thanking… preferably right now and please not for 2 minutes.


What do you think?

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