So Beautiful

She is so beautiful…
She often leaves me longing for words.

Why? You may ask.

Well, it’s not her eyes – even though they are windows to a place beautiful beyond words.
They are another reason I believe that there is a heaven.

It’s not her smile – even though her smile can dry any tear, heal any ache.

It’s not her walk – even though it is elegant and exquisite.
I just know cats learnt their walk from her.

It’s not the brightness she radiates – even if it rivals the sun.

Its not even her curves even though they are …

Something in her that makes her just amazing.

And it’s the relationship she has with Beauty’s Source.
Christ that dwells within her and that is more than enough for me.

No wonder her strength is infinite.
No wonder she’s so bold and uncompromising.
No wonder she loves unconditionally.
No wonder she’s willing to sacrifice.

And like Esther she’s a star that sends darkness into oblivion.

It is true that like the clouds, her beauty will fade someday.
But what lies within her will forever grow
And that…

That is paramount!