Anecdote Bath

I was about to take my bath (which happens almost every day :D). Don’t worry, this is rated G. So feel free to allow the young ones read.

I pulled off my cloth (rolls eyes) and … I saw God’s blessings. Hehehe. I made for the shower and turned on the hot tap and the cold water that rushed out made me shake involuntarily. As I stabilized myself, I let the water run on my leg and slowly it got warmer as I enjoyed the transition. So I took the ‘shower tap’ (I’m sorry, don’t know the name ) and moved it up and down, savoring the heat.

And then in what seemed like seconds, the water stung me hard. It had gotten ‘suddenly’ hot and I had to hold myself from screaming loud. I frantically switched on the cold water
while the hot water still poured.

After few seconds, though it seemed like long minutes, the cold water stabilized and I was okay. Well not without some few burns here and there.

And then it came, my travail in the bathroom is how some of us live our lives. We’re presently involved in a host of wrong doings and because the water is still cold or slightly warm, we’re still enjoying it. The way it makes our hearts race and we’re loving it. How sad!!

Because like a scorpion, it will surely sting you suddenly. Its only a matter of time.

And I can tell you that even though some wounds heal, they leave horrible scars.

Doing good things (opening the cold tap) in order to play down or normalize the bad things we do doesn’t mirror the right path. Let me ask you, how enticing is an expensive jar of perfume with a dead cockroach or rat inside?

And just incase, incase you cannot resist the sudden transition of the hot water on your body, the escapade shouldn’t exceed the confines of your bathroom.


What do you think?

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