The Speedometer

SpeedometerIf you can do that (the picture above) on Lagos – Ibadan expressway or any road, this piece is especially for you…

I look at the speedometer and admire it somewhat, even though its only an instrument showing a vehicle speed. I’m in love with the speedometer especially when the pointer is at 2 or 3 ‘o’ clock . Anything beyond that is like singing “I’m coming home” if you’d agree. In as much as some cars are made to reach very high speeds, it is a known fact that reaching the top speeds are suicidal.

Lets take a swift turn.
Like the speedometer, there are some emotions and actions that are best not expressed. Just because we’re created with the capability to do them doesn’t give us the right to actualize them. They are limitless as you know. They are suicidal and should be done away with.

I write this especially because the yuletide season is here and its usually the period where we all feel we need to let go and break what need not broken.
Truth is we don’t have to, we don’t need to. The choice as always is in our hands… Choose wisely