While thinking about how important my decision was to wait for a reply from God concerning a crucial area of my life (like there’s an area which isn’t), I was soaked in a stream of thoughts. I thought how it was the most important decision yet. How my life depended on this singular decision as it would determine the rest of my life. And a host of other thoughts I can’t even begin to describe.

He corrected me as to how wrong I was and told me it was the same reason a lot of people turned out mediocre. He said the decision you make now to better your life is as important as the decision you make tomorrow when you get up from bed. The day you choose to believe that you have crossed the “FINAL” bridge, that day you begin to become complacent.

Every day is a bridge which is as important as the previous, if you successfully crossed the bridge of yesterday, you shouldn’t believe that crossing the bridge of tomorrow would be automatic. You must be ready to do it all over again. Also know that if you fell down at yesterday’s bridge, it is not a surety that you’ll fall down at today’s bridge. You should still give it everything and believe you can cross it.

And never get tired of crossing bridges, because no matter where you are in life, there’ll always be a bridge begging to be crossed.


What do you think?

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