An Excursion

Many years ago, (in the age of dinosaurs!) an excursion with the class was scheduled. It was to the popular Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State. We spent quite a large number of hours on the road due to logistics. When we alighted from the bus we were exhausted though glad to have arrived safely.

One of its glories at that time was the Wikki Warm spring. We quickly unpacked and made way to the spring. I was anxious to practice all I knew about swimming. So I got in the water quite gently and voila I got it perfectly, I was swimming (or floating). After being given an innocent nudge by a friend, I tried to thrust forward…

Then I fell into a trance-like dream that I was unable to wake up from. I struggled to wake up and snap out of it but to no avail. I struggled real hard, but I was running out of breath coped with the fact that something wanted entry into my nostrils. What kind of bad dream is this? I thought. Little did I know that it was water and I was drowning!. I had to inhale after being unable to fight and I felt a rush of excruciating pain in my head. I was getting weaker with every second that passed. My life’s story didn’t flash before my eyes; I didn’t even utter a word of prayer as I thought I would when in the face of death.
I was gifted with just few gasps of breath but that at some point was even taken away. Because of my earlier struggle I felt weak. I could not struggle anymore and so I let myself go- the end.

I was taken up by a hand. It was an angel!-NO, it was a friend. And that’s how I cheated death by His grace. Fortunately, only a few witnessed the drama so my reputation wasn�t all too damaged.

Funny enough, a sequel happened; this time I was thrown in the water and I started another round of drinking but it was not as dramatic as the first. I still survived.
You see, I know how to swim, I’m just not a fan of warm springs. 😀

A lot of us have faced death at one point or the other. It may have been more dramatic or less dramatic than mine but it does not undermine the message it carries; You can lose your life in a split second and so its important to live every minute purposefully.
I believe your life is not a mere excursion.
Make the best of your life now.


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