What God wants

Someone told me, “If it doesn’t happen, it means God never wanted it in the first place”. I replied with a blank stare.

Something was wrong with the statement but I couldn’t reply at the moment, so I kept quiet.

After much thought, I realized that the statement was false. I’ll give 2 illustrations; God wanted the Israelites to get to the promised land in a short while but their actions made them wander in the desert for 40 YEARS. Ofcourse God wanted it, but it didn’t happen until after 40 years.

Saul was chosen by God to lead the Israelites as King till his last breath BUT it didn’t come true because of Saul’s action. He was REJECTED because he didn’t obey. God didn’t want it, BUT his actions triggered it.

Let it be clear to you; God wants the very best for you BUT your actions will determine how fast they become a reality, if at all they became a reality.


What do you think?

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