Why the Lion is called King of the Jungle



Why is the Lion often referred to as the King of the Jungle?

It’s not the fastest animal on earth, the cheetah is faster

It doesn’t have the sharpest tooth, piranhas have that

Its skin is not the toughest, the elephant has tougher

Its claw is not the fiercest, eagles and other birds have that

Its roar (the sound it makes) is not the loudest, the blue whale is louder

Its not the biggest, hippopotamus and elephants among others are quite bigger

Its ears are not the sharpest, owls have better

Its eyesight is not the  best, Mantis Shrimps can see better

It has no venom in its mouth, snakes have that

Its bite is not the most menacing, crocodiles are very much around

Its nostrils are not the most sensitive, bears smell better.

I could go on and on with the analogy but there are other things to write about.:)

Yet lions are called King of the jungle. A jungle where they aren’t even the fiercest, wisest, strongest or tallest e.t.c

My opinion to their elevated position is GRACE. “Not by power, not by might…” Just in-case you missed it, the only reason lions are called king of the Jungle is GRACE. It is the animal that has consistently being related to bravery and strength. The bible constantly makes use of Lion to connote bravery, strength etc. It has no particular characteristic that makes it stand out per se. Okay except for its Mane (the hair around its head) but that’s about it. Is a Mane a good enough characteristic to name a King? Think about it.

Even though you might not necessarily be the best at what you do, because you know and believe in a gracious God, you will be truly lifted.

And you will be like a Lion in your industry.



What do you think?

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