Growth-A process


Enoch got up, took a few steps and fell again. He stood up again few minutes later, took a little more steps and hit the ground again softly. We were all excited at the effort he put in taking his first steps. As much as we wanted to ‘help’ him, we knew it was a process he had to undergo to be able to walk.

Enoch is a 9 month old boy. And we all want Enoch to walk as soon as possible but he’d have to keep trying while we the older ones give him all we can to ensure he grows up to be the ideal man. Food, drugs, love etc

God works in a similar way . He wants us to experience the very best, however, that might not materialize unless we keep trying; trying to move forward, trying to forge forward inspite of obstacles. As much as we’d want God to change all our trials into instant victories, we should also understand that it is all a process, a process necessary to bring out the best in us. He’s constantly watching over us to provide help when we need it.

When we do the little we can, God often crowns it up and gives us the ‘wow’ factor to complete the process.

Its like this; He puts a ‘cap‘ on our abilities making our capabilities LIMITLESS.


What do you think?

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