Jesus Is Not Coming Soon… by Ikenna Valentine Oje.

I saw this great piece and KNOW You’d love it!


It was 6.00 in the evening.
The program on T.V was captivating and it was the most interesting series ever to grace the screen.

I half lay and half sat on the couch, making loops with the smoke from my half smoked cuban ciga….
Sipping my glass of cold Amarula. This was the 3rd bottle.
My eyes were feeling heavy and my vision was getting hazy…
I knew I’d had a little too much to drink.
If my boss ever found me in this state, I’d lose my job for good!  I’d heard he had a knack for making sudden visits to the staff at short notice!
Well…. I’d be notified!
But right now, the movie had my attention and my eyes never left the screen! Everything about the job could wait.
Afterall I packaged myself well in the office.
I could afford to have some fun.
This was the…

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