Shedding Off

A great man once assigned me the responsibility of wetting the flowers in the compound everyday.

This man loved plants to a fault and so he was on my case every evening. “Did you wet the plants today ?”. Yes was my usual reply. The next inevitable question was “hope you put a lot of water on the banana, pawpaw and ahhfkkde?” (I can’t remember the name of the other plant) but my answer was most times in the affirmative.

As a result of the evening ‘sessions’, I spent no less than 30 minutes with the plants everyday. I noticed that virtually all of the plants shed leaves as they grew. Apparently, some leaves could no longer cope and had to fall off. When they fell off, resources were transferred to others to make the plant grow. It reminds me of the scripture that says “Every branch that does not bear fruit will be cut off.

I noticed a semblance between human nature and growth of plants. We cannot grow if we’re not willing to drop some habits, thoughts, connections, ideologies etc. If you do not let go, you will remain where you’ve always been. That is how this life was engineered; You have to lose some to gain some.

You can start shedding those excesses. It’s never too late.

Best of Treasures

“The best of treasures are not found on the surface.”- Crodamilo

Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Serendibites and their likes have to be dug many feets into the ground at specific locations before they can be found amidst soil and other unwanted materials.

Sometimes it takes months to get to the stone after which another round of diligence is required to separate and take them through the necessary processes which would make them far more beautiful than they were in their original state. It sometimes makes you think that they were picked on the surface just like that.

Little wonder we think we can get the best of life by just scratching the surface. Little wonder we keep scouring the earth for get-rich-quick schemes. We keep looking for short cuts in a bid to avoid the price of digging. At the surface, we can only get intermittent showers of treasure here today and gone tomorrow; and they are just not enough to sustain for a robust life.

Most of us are not willing to commit to a lifelong journey of discipline and perseverance. If only we knew that ANYTHING that is beautiful and long lasting will take TIME to produce and lots of it at that, perhaps our attitude will change.

The best of treasures are buried deep beneath the surface available to only those who are willing to dig deep; very deep.

Digging in this context means developing the habit of curiosity, perseverance, Persistence and discipline.

The deeper you can dig, the more treasure you’d likely come across. Digging takes time and WE MUST be willing to dig unrelentlessly. To find the best of treasures would take extremes of discipline and dedication. And when you eventually find it, you may be the only one who will see its potential because it will be unattractive at first. But if you’re discerning and can see its potential, you will know deep down that THIS IS IT!

You will require another round of effort to polish it and make it presentable. Only then would the world see it and marvel.

2014 has a lot of goodies in it available to those who are willing to dig.

Are you ready? *carries a digger and walks away*