Life is like lego; it consists of
colourful interlocking events and an accompanying array of people, places and various other unknowns.

As we experience life, we have the capacity to build either an edifice or a shanty. Every achievement or progress we make is like a piece placed perfectly on another to make it even more beautiful.

But as beautiful as a lego construction process can be, one (or more) wrongly-placed piece can nullify the beauty you once had. That’s why it’s important to make your decisions very carefully.

No it doesn’t mean you should walk on pins and needles all your life. It doesn’t mean you should allow fear cloud your every judgement. It only means you should be more intentional when making decisions.

Don’t put your life on auto, you’d crash; autocrash.

Never be complacent enough to believe that you can never lose your position. You can

The 40,000-piece puzzle

Imagine being given a 40,000 piece puzzle to complete without an already finished picture by its side as a guide. Can you complete it ? I think not

I even believe it to be a foolhardy mission to attempt a feat because we have no clue as to what the completed puzzle resembles.

Life is like that 40000 piece puzzle. We don’t have the ability to view the complete puzzle no matter how hard we try.

Only one sees the complete picture and He is God. And So
when God says do something and it gets very hard to obey because we don’t understand, it’s important to just go ahead and do it.

Learn to trust God and obey him because he’s the only one that can solve the 40,000-piece puzzle.