My Better Philosophy

“The better I get, the more I meet better people; people who live great lives despite the innumerable buts around them”

It’s true birds of the same feather flock together. People who share similar ideals and philosophies tend to seek each other out and stick. The reason is simple; no one wants to be told consistently “you’re wrong”. This causes them to drift towards those who will boost their ideology.

If you consistently find yourself around people who hurt you, its probably because you’re attracting them either through words, actions, character or a “healthy” mixture.

“If you seek to meet better people, be better yourself”

Rich people usually have lots of rich friends. Poor people, poor friends. Morally bankrupt people, morally bankrupt friends.

And those who came into my life before I became better? Some of them are very much in my life, but I’m beginning to see their better side. It takes only a skilled carpenter to appreciate a log of wood. Only a skilled artist can really appreciate pencil. If all you see is evil, pain and the ills around you, there’s something wrong with you. (no offense intended).

“What you see is an extension of who you are”

Better in this context is a process which entails studying, thinking, listening, unlearning and most importantly applying all the new information. You can never be better if you don’t absorb and apply the new information.

This is my philosophy; Be better to experience better.


2 thoughts on “My Better Philosophy

  1. toyinletstalkabout says:

    I love this post. Law of magnetism, you are who you attract. Thanks for sharing. My goal now is to become better.


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