Strength in Weakness


I watched as a music legend was interviewed and was inspired by his answers. This man had many best-selling albums to his credit and he was still soaring high. The interview was going quite well until…

He cried uncontrollably on live TV after being asked about his single status. He talked about the loneliness he faces as a result of his singleness. As much as he engrossed himself in work, he still felt the sting. Until then, I thought him to be perfect; someone who had everything going for him. I was wrong…very wrong.

But by sharing his story, I found strength. I came to a realization that everything in my life doesn’t have to be perfect before I manifest my potentials and numerous abilities.

It made me realize that even in his battles, a fierce one at that, he still made sure to keep his head above water and fight and win. His awards and songs are there to prove it.

My circumstances or past is not an excuse to remain where I am. Your circumstances or your past is not a good enough excuse to keep you from shining. Rather it is a dare to lunge forward like the knight in armor who is not afraid to take down the ogre who is many times bigger and stronger.

Sometimes I wish we’d all step back once in a while and share our struggles with one another. The strength we’ll find will be inexplicable. Many of us who seemingly have perfect lives should once in a while share some of our present battles to inspire others. You don’t have to have won to inspire someone. The fact that you are fighting and are hopeful of overcoming is sometimes more than enough.

I wish pastors and role models would share their battles so that others may know that they are not alone. People run away from church because it’s a gathering of seemingly perfect lives, people who have everything going for them, people who have not done any wrong since the beginning of time.

There’s a reason Paul came out to say the things I desire to do, I do not do and the things I hate to do are the things I end up doing. The main reason was to give us strength. If Paul could fall and get up and still be regarded as one of God’s best, then I can. If Peter could deny Christ 3 times and still make something out of his life, then I surely can.

Weakness thrives in secrecy. Some people run away from God because they think they can never be good enough. If only they knew who we were before God called us.

Truth is; we can’t be good enough or perfect enough to be used by God. Willingness and obedience are the most important.

Moses was a stutterer, doubter, excuse-giver and killer but after obedience and his faithful walk with God. He became one of the mightiest leaders in the bible.

Sick people take drugs to get better;  the more sick they are, the more medications they have to consume.

Whatever addiction you have shouldn’t be an excuse to run away from God. You cannot make yourself better by yourself.

Light and darkness cannot coexist. If you sincerely desire to lose a bad habit, keep walking with God and the change you would see would be inevitable.


What do you think?

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