The Child

im3Can you remember the toys you had as a kid? Can you remember the number of games you wanted to play (usually at the same time)? Most times, even while playing one, if something about the other game caught your eye and you immediately jumped in immediately and wanted to enjoy that too.

And when that didn’t happen, you cried or threw tantrums.

As kids, we wanted to fly like superman, have super-sharp swords like a Samurai and also have cool gadgets like batman. Now we’re adults… and those feelings have faded. Or have they?

Now, it has metamorphosed, we now want to do everything and be everywhere.

Our minds by default are like an average child, and until we restrain it, we’d just end up jumping at the next thing that catches our eyes without being rooted in any particular thing.

“The world cannot know you for everything BUT it can know you for ONE”. -SaxPriest


What do you think?

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