“Those who set goals run circles round those who don’t”

Since I believe solely in the stated truth above, I decided to set a goal in this temple-run look alike game; AE kalpana Incas lost City (crazy right? lol). My goal was to get 3,000 coins within the next 5 plays. I was doing an average of 500 coins and I wanted to get more to be able to buy some perks. On first trial, I got about 300 coins. My second trial was quite “encouraging”; I got 140 coins. The next time I tried I got under 100 coins. Now pressure was already building up on me. Remember I had set the 3000 coin goal. I had 2 more chances and I was going to have a go at it.

I just decided not to give up. On my fourth trial, it happened. I got about 3,400 coins in one play. I beat my previous record.

Goal setting cannot be overemphasized. Don’t be afraid to set goals; I know you’re afraid of failing. Don’t be. Failure is only a process and if you keep at it. Success is soon to follow

Set Goals. What’s the worst that could happen?


rain + umbrella

Today on my way out, I felt the rain drops around me and thought it wise to take an umbrella. The more I moved, the more I noticed people moving hurriedly around me. It took me a few seconds to understand that it was because of the rain. I couldn’t care because I had a gigantic umbrella with me. If the rain got too heavy, I’d just pop it open and still keep dry.

And so it is with those who have God. When some people are moving hurriedly in life, rushing just to hit some milestones, afraid of the future; others are certain that even if situations go dire all they need to do is pop up that “umbrella” beside them and they’d remain dry. God is ever real; Get close to him

“Where people say there is a casting down, you would say there’s a lifting up” Job 22:29