True Life Story

One morning, I decided to dress casually thinking it was friday. After I had travelled a considerable amount of distance; a distance I could not return from, I began to notice that everyone was all dressed formally. I began to worry; could I have been wrong? What would be my excuse for dressing in such a manner? What story would suffice for such throwing the rules out the window? So I looked at my calendar sincerely hoping for a miracle….

And… IT WAS FRIDAY. I was right

Often times in our lives, we lose sight of what is right and wrong and it’s not because we intend for it to happen. It just happens!
The distractions we encounter are so numerous and there is an increasing need to travel life’s journey with an unfailing compass. I’ve chosen mine to be the infallible, unshakable, unrivalled Word of God.

Choose now your compass

What do you think?

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