How wild can your imagination go? This wild? “Jkdfsjujhvsidssvdd” or maybe this wild “,$:;$:3:+%-7$,:%(:-%(;7″.
Whichever way, my next piece will undoubtedly stretch it just a little bit more.

Now imagine you received an alert for a deposit made into your account. It reads something like ” You have just been credited with 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 million billion)”. You think to yourself that the scammers are at it again and within the next 3 minutes a man calls you and greets you so respectfully that you think he’s got the wrong number. He identifies himself as your bank manager and gives you infallible proof. What would you do? What would be your most predominant thought? I bet with you that your predominant thought would be about the enormity of that money and its ability to wipe away all your financial issues.

Now pick up your bible. Take a closer look at it again. Do you know that your Bible as small as it is, is worth more than (1 million billion)? Do you also know that the bible has truth that can solve ALL your financial issues and even non financial?
So many promises, so many blessings, peace of mind, exceedingly great reward are all embedded in that book.

Be reminded that God’s word is ever powerful and cannot be outdated. Don’t allow activities and events crowd your mind so much so that you don’t meditate on these promises.

Remember treasure buried or unused is useless. Your bible is useless if you don’t dig up the treasures and utilize them.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom”- Colossians 3:16


What do you think?

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