The Real You


The real you? The true you. “The color behind the color” as a friend used to call it comes out when things go wrong. When things go awfully wrong.

Devils even act right when things go right. But when things go South, their true color comes out.

What do you do when things go bad? Who do you talk to? Where do you run? That’s the real you. The rest is just automated normal human attitude

A cockroach can’t bleed no matter how much you squash it. You gave her a severe beating because she angered you. You spoke hurtful words because he did something you didn’t like. You cut that corner because you needed some money. That’s the real you

But you can change all that, you can become a new person incapable of any wrongdoing no matter how hard you’re pushed, no matter the raging storm. I surely believe you can.

This is the way out.

After Valentine…

Valentine is over but what I feel is as strong as ever

The jokers and players have had their fleeting day of fame and now they fade because they never knew what it was in the first place; a facade

The aftertaste? Sour and a regret to those who fell at their feet.

The real stars know that it is beyond a day; a night, an event, or even a period of time. They know it’s an unending series of arduous task that comes across as punishment to those who don’t understand it.

Not me.
That day was just their attempt to show you how I feel for you each and everyday. Alas they failed because they do not know the length, height or depth of it. They think it’s all red roses and diamonds, soft blues and star littered skies. They do not know the tears and pain. They do not know the endless streams of sacrifice. They do not know the heartache. They have no clue. In today, out tomorrow.

Not me.                                                                                                                                                                  I know the sacrifices I’ve made and will make for you is as sweet as the honeycomb. As brave as a lion and yet soft as a lamb

And so I would continue on this path; the path that most don’t understand even though the most noble

Let me stand at your door and wait for you for as long as it takes.

Indeed what I have for you is everlasting, if only you can come close, then you’d know that what I am is Love.