Before You…



Before going for that prayer meeting, pray

Before going for that Bible study, study

Before going for that concert, worship and praise

Before reading that devotional,  read your bible first

Build a relationship with God that is not reliant on others because our christian race even though we’re in it together is individual

When your examination comes, it’d be when you’re alone and then the things you truly believe will be tested. There will be no one to call. What would make you thrive is what you know for yourself. Jesus, Judas, Peter, Daniel, Joseph et al were all alone at one point and their true selves came out

Take responsibility for your growth

Husband Material

I’ve spent quite a lot of money on all things food. I’ve climbed mountains, crossed the seas, traveled long distances, slayed a few dragons and got scarred plenty times all on top this food matter.

Fast forward to Sunday, I was hungry and just fed up of buying cooked food. “What’s the big deal with this cooking anyway?” I thought. So I bought all the materials needed and got cooking. I was willing to eat the food anyhow anyhow. In about an hour, I made my first real meal without help from anybody from start to finish. How did it look and taste? Awesome !!!

This piece is not about my culinary skills. It’s about an indelible truth; You can’t change what you tolerate.

You’ve suffered enough. It’s time to get up and fight against things in your life that don’t line up with the Word of God. Stand on God’s promises and stay there. Don’t grumble while at it. Do it with thanksgiving knowing fully well that you’ve conquered.

Don’t try and fight all your battles at once; you’d wear out. Pick one at a time and move on.

Please note that this lesson has no bearing whatsoever on your relationship with others. We still need to tolerate and forgive the shortcomings of people everyday.