Anecdote – Washing

​Its been a long time i learnt something so profound from a mundane activity.

Washing isn’t typically a challenge for me, it’s usually the rinsing. I could rinse 3 times and there’d still be lather. How frustrating could that be?

Went through the motions again on saturday. Washing, a piece of cake. Rinsing however, a horror movie. So i decided to put a little water into another bucket and pick out the clothes one by one. Like magic the lather went off the clothes easily.

Together the clothes were formidable, alone however they were easy to conquer. Same with us as Christians. While we’re not powerless alone,  the power we wield together are much more formidable

 Matt 18:19-20, Josh 23:9-10, Heb 10:25, 


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