I remember a certain day the Holy Spirit  led me to read Phillipians 2- I had read it before but it felt different. I meditated on it and realized that Humility is not a nice-to-have as a christian. It is part of what makes you a christian. Christ exemplified Humility and we have to follow.

Later in the day, something happened and I responded ‘appropriately’. Then the Holy Spirit spoke and reminded me of the word Humility. I felt so bad ehnn. I apologized but ofcourse the harm had been done *sadly*.

My people; consider others more highly than yourself. Yes people would take you for a fool. But it’s okay, they also did it to Jesus. Remember that because God never changes, He would lift you up like He lifted Jesus.

I have learnt the hard way so that you may learn the soft way…lol


What do you think?

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