You Probably Don’t Know This

​Some years ago while on my way to church, I climbed a bike and on getting to my destination, the bike man asked “sir, please can I ask you a question” sure i replied! Can people like us come to this church? Yes I replied. But they all have cars and look so good. I replied quickly, “I don’t have one. It’s open to everyone.”

I prodded, I’d wait for you here, just keep your bike. He said “I don’t look too good. I have to change. I asked for his number but didn’t have. He committed to coming next week though.

As I walked away, the effect of that convo dawned on me. We are guilty of presenting the gospel as an elite organization worthy of only certain people. We’re presenting a subtle message that if you’re not well dressed, don’t have x or y, then you are not welcome.

But this has to change… 


What do you think?

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