Lying on my bed noon day, I couldn’t think of anything tangible.  It was winning the battle and I could no longer deal with it. So I decided to embark on a journey; a journey to quench this peculiar feeling. This feeling of hunger (yes I like food! Who doesn’t :D). I walked briskly so as not to pass out before reaching my destination. My eyes were set and there was nothing going to hold me down from achieving this ‘feat’. The goal of dealing with this hunger was a very serious one that day.

I traced the pathway that was surrounded by a medium sized vegetation (bush) and for some reason I can’t fully understand, I looked down and I saw the white creepy crawly, and in a split second I jumped over. I ‘escaped’ an encounter with this reptile. It was a lizard turned on its back (near dead).

I didn’t just let it slide; I began to think about what just happened. Okay know that I had jumped past the lizard without any harmful effect to anybody but what if I didn’t look down, what if I stepped on it, I would have orphaned some baby lizards, I would have murdered a lizard. Wicked!

Considering the other side of the coin however, I wonder, what If it was a more dreaded creepy crawly say a scorpion? I could have been stung or a maybe even a poisonous snake. The medical facility was quite a distance and perhaps a eulogy would have been appropriate a few months afterwards. My life had somewhat being saved again by a great being. But that’s not the crux of this note; it is/was in the looking down.

As important visions are; in my case getting food, it was important to keep looking up without losing sight of my ‘goal’ or to keep me motivated. But then again imagine if I had stepped on a snake? Would I have gotten there?

Some of our lives are built around setting and achieving goals and we do so ignoring other people around. “If he can’t help me, what’s his use” are some of our mottos? Sometimes our ego is so much in bloom that we fail to realize that even though some people cannot help us, we need to help them. It is important to NOT be condescending because tables turn (did I just hear you scoff?). But rather than look at it from the scary fact of the possibility of a boomerang, look at it as picking someone up.

No matter how far the journey you choose to undertake, it pays in the long run to look down and help.

What do you think?

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