When Last?

​Having read Phillipians 3:18-20, I know there’s a lot of work left to be done. When was the last time I thought deeply about heaven ? When was the last time I read revelation with joy in my heart ?

Many atimes we daydream about the new car, money, hot spouse and the exotic locations etc. Yet we leave out the most important of them all; Heaven (Jesus). I think it’s time to turn a new leaf. I’ve started reading revelation (lol).  And God is speaking. Please join me…


What of Him/Her?

​I remember many years ago as a secondary school student. It was a general unwritten rule. You generally felt bad if you scored poorly but that all began to change when you saw someone who scored even worse. Say you scored 5 out of 20, you felt bad until you saw a 3, then lots of 2 and even more 0.5. At this stage you’d just be amused and probably be filled with so much laughter that you are many. It was a consolation. 

As Christians, there’s a tendency to carry that same ideology. We feel sorry for our sins until we see someone who’s doing a lot worse. Then we gloat, nobody holy pass we say, everybody get e own (everyone has his own) and continue with the trend

Our decision however to continue is to call God a liar because He said nothing shall be impossible with Him. It is possible to be holy and perfect. To continue to live in sin is to live in squalor when your father is the wealthiest man around. And even though he has offered you a place in his palace, you refuse everytime. 

Would you suffer in the long run? You bet! But he doesn’t even want you to suffer. Come in, come right in to splendor


​someone might ask, how is it that people who are devout worshippers of other religions are “successful”.

The reply would be; the purpose of Jesus was not to make us “successful”. His  purpose was to reestablish our relationship with God and ultimately qualify us for heaven. Everything else is jara.

Please know it is possible for someone to  have everything working out for them and still be unsaved. This world is ruled by principles and anyone that follows them would get results

The Marriage Proposal

​And so I met this woman from the Lord beautiful as they come and filled with virtue. No she didn’t steal my heart away, she slowly worked her way and shone through time like the way a diamond would cut through anything. I gave her my heart because she deserved it and even more. And so today she must know that I love her deeply and would remind her regularly. I’d do my best to nurture the fire I see.

But you see no matter how hard I try, I’d fall short, short of the one who loved you so much that He gave his life just for you. Interceding on your behalf even as we speak.

And so I’d learn from Him each and every day to give you my very best. To love you unconditionally and go all the way for you. You’re not yet perfect and neither am I but our constant gaze at Jesus would make sure we get there. 

And when our children are born, I’d be the father they need. And I know that i may fall short. So I’m learning from my Father, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, better than the best father we could ever dream of.

Hold my hand and let’s go on this journey together. Tough as it may be, I will hold on to God and then to you that we may go on to inspire those who would come after.

You Probably Don’t Know This

​Some years ago while on my way to church, I climbed a bike and on getting to my destination, the bike man asked “sir, please can I ask you a question” sure i replied! Can people like us come to this church? Yes I replied. But they all have cars and look so good. I replied quickly, “I don’t have one. It’s open to everyone.”

I prodded, I’d wait for you here, just keep your bike. He said “I don’t look too good. I have to change. I asked for his number but didn’t have. He committed to coming next week though.

As I walked away, the effect of that convo dawned on me. We are guilty of presenting the gospel as an elite organization worthy of only certain people. We’re presenting a subtle message that if you’re not well dressed, don’t have x or y, then you are not welcome.

But this has to change… 

Who’s responsible for your Happiness ?

​I look at my nephew and realize how hard we try daily to make him happy. Funny and silly faces, going to far lengths to keep him happy.

But I also realize that it’s only for a short while. In less than 5 years he’d be responsible for his own happiness.

Your happiness is your responsibility. Not your children, not your spouse, not your friend, not even God- Phillipians 4:4.  

It’s a decision you have to make daily.


I remember a certain day the Holy Spirit  led me to read Phillipians 2- I had read it before but it felt different. I meditated on it and realized that Humility is not a nice-to-have as a christian. It is part of what makes you a christian. Christ exemplified Humility and we have to follow.

Later in the day, something happened and I responded ‘appropriately’. Then the Holy Spirit spoke and reminded me of the word Humility. I felt so bad ehnn. I apologized but ofcourse the harm had been done *sadly*.

My people; consider others more highly than yourself. Yes people would take you for a fool. But it’s okay, they also did it to Jesus. Remember that because God never changes, He would lift you up like He lifted Jesus.

I have learnt the hard way so that you may learn the soft way…lol