How God works


Since God can do any and everything, he could have made the Israelites fly over the red sea. It wouldn’t have been too hard for Him. Jer 32:27
27 “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?

He could have sent an angel to smite Goliath or better yet just send a little bolt of lightning to meet Him.
He could have crushed the walls of Jericho without the Israelites moving a muscle.
He could have Joseph the prime minister of Egypt in one day without him having to go to prison. He could have influenced Pharoah to appoint Joseph without Joseph having to go through the prison. He could have appeared to him and said; appoint Joseph or DIE! after all He is God, who can question his modus operandi? You? Me?

I’ve observed most of God’s wonders involve us, our actions, our skills, our attitudes.

Moses used the rod in his hands (as instructed by God) to split the red sea.
David used the stones in his bag to take down Goliath.
Joseph maintained a great attitude, decided not to compromise and served to the best of his ability.
Elisha parted the sea with a rod.

What God is going to use to perform great wonders in your life is already in your possession.

What do you have in your hands? Use it

Who You Are


An eagle is still an eagle even if it never takes flight.
It still remains an eagle even if it decides to become a vegetarian.
Even if it’s wings and feathers are cut off.
Even if its talons and beaks are cut off.
Even if it decides to act like a chicken
An eagle is an eagle not because of its physical features or its current ability. An eagle is an eagle simply because of its “parents”- simple
If not so, then drastically changing their external features or physical capabilities would mean they’d cease being eagles but that is not the case.
Likewise we’re winners. We’re victorious.
We’re stars not because of our great jobs, mansions, businesses, toys and the likes. We’re eagles because of our Father who is in heaven.
Have you been able to count the number of stars yet?
Have you seen the beautiful clouds?
Have you seen how a tiny seed can grow into a forest?
And above all, have you seen the very best he’s created? Just look in the mirror.
He created them all.

So even if I lose everything I have today
Even if my account has redefined the color red
Even if everything is working out horribly
Even if I can’t seem to get any break at the office
Even if I keep losing money
Even if I’ve not done anything worthwhile in my life
It doesn’t make me less of a star.
You go to the airport and see some planes that look like they’ve never taken off before. Their dilapidation has not turned them into monkeys.

Those who fly in this life are those who believed beyond all circumstances that they were made to fly. Truth is we’re all made to fly. But only a few people ever recognize that.
Incase you’ve forgotten or didn’t know, let me remind you that you are an eagle and it’s high time you start acting you. Be you.



Less Brighter Than The Sun?


The Sun is useful for providing light during the day.

The moon and the stars are responsible for light at night.

Small light bulbs are useful for providing light in our homes.

Halogen lamps are useful in very large gatherings.

Party lights are useful for parties


We are all shining lights in varying degrees and intensity.

Even though we MIGHT not shine like the sun,  there’s a niche that’s unique to our abilities.


No one puts a halogen in his parlor or expects the Sun to illuminate his room in the night

No one uses party lights in a stadium or expects the moon to provide light for a party in an enclosed area

If we function in an environment alien to our ability, the result would be unpleasant.


We all have a place in this life and we must do all we can to identify it and shine.