Young Hearts

As I perused through the graduation magazine of a prestigious secondary school, It brought back memories of time past, the 90s! (Am I gettin old or what)lol). However, what intrigued me most was how ambitious some of their aspirations were. The painful truth is that a good number of them would not get exactly what they have in mind. Dreams will get dashed, hopes would be broken in bits and pieces, roads will close up. Some tunnels would be very long almost unending. In the end however, what will make them stand out, different from those who fall by the wayside is their tenacity. Like I’ve once heard, its not really about the punches you can wield but the punches you can withstand.
If you have young ones around, tell them its not all rosy out there but that THEY WILL SURELY MAKE IT IF THEY DON’T GIVE UP. You’ll be saving them lots of unnecessary pain and trouble if only you tell them

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