Your Past

Past/ FutureWe all have a past, a past filled with a series of good and bad events. For some, the bad outweighs the good while for others its the other way around. Either way, it’s still a past.

Everything a human does is in order to achieve either or both of two things; gain pleasure and avoid pain.

That is why we sweep horrible events that have happened to us in the past under the carpet for fear of reliving the heartache, the extreme pain, the untold hardship, the inexplicable sorrow.

In our bid to forget our past, we’ve been brought on our knees again and again because of their effect.

Your past has something to do with your future. Take note of family trends, behaviors, your childhood. Truth be said, what you don’t know will LIMIT you. Please deal with it now because history and life always desire to go in loops. If you ignore it, it will resurface in the future.

I say this with the uttermost respect- even if your childhood has been horrible, so dark, the night shines in comparison to it there are good lessons that you should take out of it. Trying to cover it up just wouldn’t help.

A classic example is Joyce Meyer who has a ministry where she encourages people to live great lives even after being abused. She was sexually, emotionally and physically abused by her father, an event which began at age 13. And now? She’s encouraging people to live the best despite the past they might have encountered among other things.

She’s a reason I believe you can make a great future inspite of your gloomy past.

“Engineers don’t build on faulty foundations, they dig up, correct possible errors and begin”.