Creating Miracles


“Rather than expect a Moses to come and part the red sea, we would build bridges and make our miracles”- Jean Liedkta

The saying above describes the average thinking pattern of the developed world. They are the proactive individuals, always seeking to find a solution to their problems.

A sharp contrast can be found in Africa where we pray to God to magically put food on our table (when we can) among other weird and unrealistic requests.

Let’s cast our minds backs to centuries ago;

While some were obsessed about going to the herbalist to view a 15 minutes trailer of their loved ones/enemies at untold costs, some decided to dedicate themselves to learning to ensure they could have an unlimited view of whoever they desired.

While some of us were content with holding vigils for the postman to safely deliverĀ  their messages to loved ones, others were tired of the long time and decided to create a system that will make delivery of mails possible in seconds.

And presently, while some others are looking for ways to make lives and living better, others are praying endlessly (without adding commensurate action) that the world and their lives would be better.

While some are taking insurance on things that matter to them, others are saying that they don’t need it because God protects them.

You must have heard that history repeats itself. They are in for a shocker. Even though God can protect from all forms of harm, I think He expects that we take necessary actions in our interest instead of abdicating all our responsibility to him

We keep having unending vigils praying about the state of the nation. As if God would send another saviour to save us. No wonder we believed the saviour propaganda of the current president. Now we know better.
Newsflash: God would not send anyone to save us. We must task ourselves into being the saviours that this country and Africa as a whole so desperately needs.

I fear that there would be a lot of chastisement at judgement because God will ask why we achieved little to nothing when we were blessed with innumerable resources.

Yes I believe in the power of God, miracles and prayer but I also believe that locking your door and praying all day and night for food (when you can take a step in the right direction) will most likely leave you dead.

We have prayed enough. Can we begin building our bridges already?