The Journey

If you do the things God desires and you do it whole heartedly, you are bound to be disliked by men.

Fanatic, Foolish, Unrealistic, Unreasonable are some of the words generously given to those who do God’s will at all costs.

The beautitudes in Matthew 5 ends with a profound statement in verse 11 & 12. “Blessed are you WHEN people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me”. Jesus was the one speaking here. Notice he used the word WHEN, not IF, not SHOULD, he used WHEN.
The word WHEN connotes certainty. It means it’s a sure thing, it must happen, it will happen, it has to happen. It’s beyond a possibility, it’s a fact.

Did you notice the phrase “all kinds of evil”? This phrase implies that persecution is a continuous process of sorts. When they try evil A and you rise above it, then they’ll try evil B and go on like that.
Blessed are you when people… not unbelievers, not believers but people. It means believers and unbelievers which constitute of people would persecute you.

Isn’t it surprising how the good things we were taught as kids now come across as wrong? Take for instance lying; someone in business comes out to say it is foolishness to always say the truth because you won’t make profit. Thank God for the infallible compass called the Bible lest we would have missed it greatly.

Don’t compromise, don’t fret. Hold fast to that which is true. We already know how this journey will be and we’re not going to quit; not now, not ever.


While in school, the toilet in my room was in a deplorable state. Water leaked intermittently into the room and usually soaked the wardrobe that was close to it. It usually took me about 10 minutes to properly dry up the havoc caused. But the long lasting effect it had on the wardrobe could not be dried; It weakened even more at every flooding. And I had to clean it up as was the routine. I picked up the mop to start ‘work’ as usual but the situation was a little different because I was looking forward to finishing it in a shorter time than usual. Now usually, I started mopping the water that had spilled into the room, but I decided to take a different approach; I mopped from inside the toilet as against the norm of starting with the room with my feet getting wet as a result. It was not a very wise idea because as I mopped, the water spread further into the room and soaked the wardrobe even more than the previous occasions. At first it was as if I was wasting precious time but few minutes after, it was as if something magical had happened because the water dramatically. I finished shortly after. I traced the water leakage only to realize that it was a rather small opening. It got fixed that week in less than 5 minutes!
As I laid on my bed to rest after the hardwork #:-s, I mused over 3 lessons I had just assimilated. If you must get a different result then you must be ready to use a different approach. If you tolerate it, chances are you’ll never be able to change it. Little problems if left unvisited could spiral out of control.
Every problem you deal with has to be dealt with from the root. However stupid the idea may seem, it just must be done. Many of us will rather deal with the fruits of the problem rather than the roots (patching it up) because it seems like the logical thing to do. Oh how wrong we are! You can only patch for so long, pretty soon you’ll be unable to keep up with the show.