Children I love


ITS OFFICIAL!!! I love children. I just love them. Lemme tell you why

  • First off, they make you question the things you had so doggedly believed.
  • They are extremely creative set of individuals and very raw. They say things just as they are most times.
  • And they have fun out of the mundane things of life. She’ll drink a cup of water and laugh. He’ll walk, fall and laugh.



  • They are curious and learn at the speed of light.
  • They are fearless.
  • They are out-of-the-box thinkers.

They’re quite inexhaustible but I’ll stop at this until I’m able to think up more


Ok excluding the part where they cry incessantly or frustrate you or do both simultaneously! they’re super great.



And just so we’re clear, just because I love children doesn’t mean I’m gonna have a football squad for a family. I’m a quality-not-quantity evangelist.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!!!