What of Him/Her?

‚ÄčI remember many years ago as a secondary school student. It was a general unwritten rule. You generally felt bad if you scored poorly but that all began to change when you saw someone who scored even worse. Say you scored 5 out of 20, you felt bad until you saw a 3, then lots of 2 and even more 0.5. At this stage you’d just be amused and probably be filled with so much laughter that you are many. It was a consolation. 

As Christians, there’s a tendency to carry that same ideology. We feel sorry for our sins until we see someone who’s doing a lot worse. Then we gloat, nobody holy pass we say, everybody get e own (everyone has his own) and continue with the trend

Our decision however to continue is to call God a liar because He said nothing shall be impossible with Him. It is possible to be holy and perfect. To continue to live in sin is to live in squalor when your father is the wealthiest man around. And even though he has offered you a place in his palace, you refuse everytime. 

Would you suffer in the long run? You bet! But he doesn’t even want you to suffer. Come in, come right in to splendor