The Behemoth Creature


The Creature

I remember my first day in it; The behemoth creature. I had been told of its enormous speed, its comfort… but I wanted to feel it myself. The adventure was too enticing to pass. Its sheer size amazed me. Its wings were so long it could carry a large truck. Its ‘talons’ so hard it could pick the roof off a house. Needless to say I was dwarfed by its sheer size. And when I entered into its belly, i was further amazed. It was just as I was told- cozy. I only hoped it wouldn’t consume me in the course of the journey.

After all the necessary protocol, the inevitable time had come. It roared gently. Apparently it never even went off- a beast that never rests. But I surprisingly disappointed because It moved at a snail like speed. When it continued for over a minute, I began to doubt its capability. And as if that was not enough, it took a large turn and came to a complete stop. By this time, I thought what a complete joke!

There was an uneasy calm, it turns out some were so scared. *scoffs* why would I? It again started the boring routine of the snail speed. But I was jolted back, I could not control the vibrations i felt. My heart beating faster than ever as it picked up speed suddenly. And just as I was getting used to it, it flew, literally. Those talons and wings were at work. It went so high, its contemporaries looked like ants. Even though they had gone earlier and seemed to gain an unassailable lead. In retrospect, thank God it didn’t listen to my thoughts. It knew its capabilities and followed through.

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