Picture this; If you know someone who was throwing up and stooling every 30 minutes, what would you do to the person? Sit at home and hope the illness will stop? Or give him first aid treatment and hope the drama stops? Or would you rush him to the hospital where he can get optimum care? One thing is certain; you just wouldn’t sit back at home and hope the person would be healed without taking any curative measures.

So likewise i’d advise that if there’s anything you’re dealing with, it’s not the time to remain where you are. It’s not a period to remain as you are. It’s a time to run TO him. “Cast all your cares upon me and I would give you rest.

Normally first aid is normally administered in the event of an accident and watched before being taken to the hospital. It’s about time to stop being overly dependent on spiritual heads. Give yourself a first-aid. Speak life, speak God’s word into that situation before going to the pastor.

We have loads of power only we don’t use it.